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Kernan Hospital Celebrates Nurses Week with Awards Ceremony

Yuliya Hoffman recieving Kernan's 2012 Nurse of the Year Award
Judy Slide, RN, MBA, Interim Vice President, Patient Care Services/Chief Nursing Officer (left), and Kathi Diver, (right) RN, Patient Care Manager, CMR Unit, stand with Yuliya Hoffman, RN, CNII, CMR Unit, one of two recipients of Kernan's 2012 Nurse of the Year Award.

Baltimore, MD (May 21, 2012) - Nurses at Kernan Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland were honored during a lunch and awards ceremony held on May 8 to celebrate Nurses Week. The event was a part of a week-long celebration that coincides with the national designation of Nurses Week, a time set aside to honor nurses and members of the nursing staff.

"The Nurses Week Awards were created to recognize the very best in clinical expertise, education, teamwork and caring that our nurses have to offer," says Judy Slide, RN, MBA, Interim Vice President, Patient Care Services/Chief Nursing Officer. "I am proud to be a part of nursing at Kernan."

Nurses and members of the nursing staff were honored in categories that included Nurse of the Year, Outstanding Nursing Support Staff, Therapy colleague, Special Friend of Nursing, Unsung Heroes, and Achievements in Education and Certification categories.

The following Kernan nurses were honored during the Nurses Week Awards:

Nurse of the Year:

Award Recipients

  • Vicki Cohen, RN, BSN, CNIII, Pain Management Center, Surgical and Ambulatory Services
  • Yuliya Hoffman, RN, CNII, Comprehensive Medical Rehabilitation Unit


  • Peggy Engle, RN, Traumatic Brain Injury Unit
  • Karen Fitzsimmons, RN, Pain Management Center
  • Sue Kirby, RN, Surgical Testing Center
  • Ramon Lamberte, RN, Spinal Cord Unit
  • Kathleen Murray, RN, CVA Unit
  • Jane Quansah, RN, Traumatic Brain Injury Unit
  • Delia Stallings, RN, Pain Management Center
  • Cathy Saunar, RN, CVA Unit

Outstanding Nursing Support Staff:

Award Recipients

  • Rodney Cole, CNA, Spinal Cord Unit
  • Charlene Wright, CNA, CVA Unit


  • Jose Braga, CNA, CMR Unit
  • Katy Nedzel, Nursing Tech, Traumatic Brain Injury Unit
  • Theresa Springs, Nursing Tech, CMR Unit

Therapy Colleague:

Award Recipient

  • Kathryn Peck, Occupational Therapist, Spinal Cord and CMR Units


  • Tyra De La Rosa, Sr. Physical Therapist
  • Daniel Gladmon, Sr. Physical Therapist
  • Sandra Macfadyen, Sr. Physical Therapist
  • Tara Mahanti, Speech-Language Therapist
  • Jennifer Riley, Speech-Language Therapist
  • Stefanie Ryan, Physical Therapist
  • Jonathan Stacey, Physical Therapist

Special Friend of Nursing:

Award Recipient

  • Jonathan Elder, Radiographer, Department of Radiology


  • Denise Lichaa, Clinical Dietician, Food and Nutrition Services

Unsung Hero Awards:

Award Recipients

  • Cathy Saunar, RN, MSN, CRRN, CNII, CVA Unit
  • Alicia Melton, RN, BSN, CNII Traumatic Brain Injury Unit
  • Kate McAvinue, RN, CNII, CMR Unit
  • Ramon Lamberte, RN, MSN, CNII, Spinal Cord Unit
  • Norma Elgera, RN, BSN, CMSRN, CNII, Progressive Care Unit
  • Treva Sydnor, RN, BSN, CNII, Peri-operative Nursing
  • Sue Hornig, RN, CNI, Ambulatory Services
  • Karen Fitzsimmons, RN, BSN, CNII, Pain Management Center

Recognition was also given to nurses who enhanced the practice of nursing at Kernan through education and certification.

Special Recognition:

Graduating ADN

  • La Tanya Gary, RN, Progressive Care Unit
  • Rashidat Larsah, RN, Spinal Cord Unit
  • Michelle Plaisance, RN, Traumatic Brain Injury Unit
  • Loretta Wilson, RN, Spinal Cord Unit

Graduating BSN from Notre Dame of Maryland University

  • Margaret Beatty, RN, BSN, Staffing and Resource Office
  • Elaine Carmichael, RN, BSN Sigma Theta Tau, CVA Unit
  • Faith Freeman, RN, BSN, Ambulatory Services
  • Theresa Holland, RN, BSN, Sigma Theta Tau, CMR Unit
  • Alicia Melton, RN, BSN, Traumatic Brain Injury Unit
  • Christine Miller, RN, BSN, Sigma Theta Tau, Traumatic Brain Injury Unit
  • Peace Nwosu, RN, BSN, CMR Unit
  • Jane Quansah, RN, BSN, Traumatic Brain Injury Unit
  • Ena Reid, RN, BSN, Staffing and Resource Office
  • Karen Thaniel, RN, BSN, Sigma Theta Tau, Traumatic Brain Injury Unit
  • Beth Trump, RN, BSN, Surgical Services
  • Theresa Tucker, RN, BSN, CMR Unit

Graduating MSN

Notre Dame of Maryland University

  • Dionne Hudgins, RN, MSN, Progressive Care Unit

Walden University

  • Cathy Saunar, RN, MSN, CRRN, CVA Unit

Specialty Certification:

Certified Rehabilitation Registered Nurse (CRRN)

  • Rosalyn Corasaniti, RN, Ph.D., Professional Development
  • Victoria Croyle, RN, CVA Unit
  • Mark Martinez, RN, MSN, CMR Unit
  • Wendian Noel-Rose, RN, CVA Unit
  • Cathy Saunar, RN, MSN, CVA Unit

Certified Medical-Surgical Registered Nurse (CMSRN)

  • Donna Day-Dick, RN, Ambulatory Services
  • Norma Elgera, RN, BSN, CMSRN

Certified Critical Care Registered Nurse (CCRN)

  • Helen Jarboe, RN, BSN, MA, Professional Development

Certified PACU Registered Nurse (CAPA)

  • Gail Lauer-Miller, RN, Surgical Services
  • Carolyn Shagena, RN, Surgical Services

Certified Operating Room Registered Nurse (CNOR)

  • Pricilla Duvall, RN, Surgical Services
  • Maureen French, RN, Surgical Services

Certified Orthopaedic Registered Nurse (ONC)

  • Terri Laubach, RN, BSN, Ambulatory Services

Certified in Ambulatory Care Nursing (RN-BC)

  • Anna Rice, RN, MSN, MBA, Surgical and Ambulatory Services

Certified in Nursing Professional Development (RN-BC)

  • Renee Boblitz, RN, MSN, Professional Development

Certified in Pain Management Nursing (RN-BC)

  • Christina Clyde, RN, MS, Pain Management Center

Certified Occupational Health Nurse (COHN)

  • Char Workman, RN, Surgical Services

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