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Our Mission:

The University of Maryland Pain Management Center uses a multidisciplinary team approach to provide compassionate and comprehensive services to reduce pain, promote coping strategies, and improve function and the quality of life. Active patient involvement in the treatment plan is encouraged and therapies are tailored to individual needs.

Chronic pain is a multifaceted and complex syndrome that adversely affects a person's physical, emotional, socioeconomic, and spiritual well-being. It can disrupt human relationships, creativity, productivity and impact the quality of life.

At the University of Maryland Pain Management Center, we are committed to improving the lives of people with chronic pain. Our assessment, treatment and prevention services focus on enriching the lives of the people we serve. We integrate traditional and complementary medicine into our multidisciplinary team approach.

At the University of Maryland Pain Management Center, our treatment goals include:

  • Diagnose and treat chronic pain syndromes
  • Reduce pain and increase comfort
  • Increase the ability to manage pain and related problems
  • Increase physical capabilities and activities
  • Support the return to productive activity
  • Minimize the use of medications
  • Increase coping, self-care and stress management skills
  • Improve the quality of life
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