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Brain Injury Program

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University of Maryland Rehabilitation & Orthopaedic Institute offers a brain injury support group for people with a brain injury, and their families/caregivers. There is also a weekly brain injury education program offered to families/caregivers. An additional resource, located near the brain injury unit, is the Brain Injury Association for Maryland. Click here for more information.


Behavior Management Services
Behavior management programming is provided to patients with behavior issues associated with a brain injury.

Brace and orthotic evaluation
Those patients with weak or paralyzed limbs may receive specialized training and assistive devices.

Wheelchair and seating evaluation
Patients are evaluated for their unique seating needs and may be offered injury-prevention devices.

Swallowing disorder services
If appropriate, patients may receive certain therapies to help them consume food and liquids safely.

Pain Management Center
For patients suffering from acute or chronic disabling pain, the center offers state-of-the-art interventional pain management therapies.

Spasticity Management Program
For patients with uncontrolled muscle spasm or constriction, this program features a variety of therapies, including therapeutic exercise, serial casing, pharmacological management using BOTOX ® injections and Baclofen Pump Therapy.

The importance of family involvement in brain injury rehabilitation is paramount. All programs hold family conferences and offer educational programs to train family members on proper techniques for assisting the patient in progressing toward a higher level of independence and the nature and effects of brain injury.

To refer a patient to any one of these brain injury rehabilitation programs, or for more information, contact the University Post-Acute Care Referral Service at 410-328-8680.